Victorious in Puerto Rico

Stephanie Walker and Wyatt Sanford are both victorious in Puerto Rico last week!

Wyatt had two tough bouts losing the first round in each bout he stayed calm and proceeded to use his better skills to take control of his bouts helping him to come out with two wins. This was a great test for Wyatt and he proved he should be boxing at a higher level.

Stephanie had two bouts, in the first bout Stephanie boxed the second ranked Puerto Rican, during the bout Stephanie took control right away using her power and movement to pepper her opponent with punches, she continued to do this throughout her bout stopping the Puerto Rican in the third round. In Stephanie’s second bout she boxed the number one Chilean, during the bout Stephanie once again took control in the first round feeding her opponent hard punches, she continued her aggressive style until she stopped her opponent in the second round. Stephanie went on to win best boxers of the tournament!

Congrats to both boxers, hard work and dedication pays off!

#stephanie #wyatt #boxing #puertorico

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